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Things to do

Only 30 minutes by car to the foot of Takeda Castle Castle, the castle in the sky

Sightseeing Spots

  • Around Kanzaki Town

  • Around Wadayama

    • Takeda Castle

      Because the territory looks like a tiger lying down,
      It is also designated as a national historic site, also known as Torafusu Castle (Torafusujo, Kogajo).
      It is also located on the top of a mountain that looks up far from the castle town,
      It is often called the castle in the sky or Japan's Machu Picchu because it is often misted by the river mist of Maruyama River.
      The majestic appearance of the stone walls of ancient castles rising above the sea of clouds is also a specialty.
    • Ritsuun Valley

      Morning mist occurs in the early morning when the weather is fine from autumn to winter, and it is a feature of Tajima region.
      Ritsuun Valley, where you can see Taketa Castle Ruins wrapped in a sea of clouds, looks like a castle floating in the sky.
      Many people come to see this fantastic scenery.
  • Around Himeji

    • World Heritage Himeji Castle

      Over 400 years, from Japanese treasures to world treasures
      In December 1993, Himeji Himeji Castle, a national treasure, became Japan's first World Heritage Site along with Nara's Horyu-ji Temple.
      Himeji Castle is affectionately known as "Shirasagi Castle Castle" because of its graceful appearance, which looks like a white heron spreading its wings.It is characterized by bright white castle walls made of white plaster and all-lacquered baskets, and a coalition-type castle tower in which the five-tiered, six-floor, first-floor main tower and the east, west, and inui small towers are connected by a crossing tower.
      The main keep of Himeji Castle that we see today was built in 1609 (Keicho 14).
      More than 400 years later, it still retains its beautiful appearance.
    • Himeji Central Park

      A drive-thru safari that you can visit in your own car,
      You can enjoy Sky Safari, where you can take a ropeway and see the animals from the sky.
      The four white lion cubs, which are rare in the world, are also worth checking out.
      In addition to safaris and amusement parks, you can enjoy swimming in the summer and skating in the winter.
    • Shoshazan Engyoji Temple

      Located on Mt. Shosha, it is the largest temple among the thirty-three temples of the Saigoku region. It is so high-ranked that it is called ``Mt. It is a so-called giant temple.Although it is located far from Kyoto, it is said that the imperial family and aristocrats had a strong faith, and many emperors and popes visited.