If you go about 10km from the hotel, you will find Tonomine Plateau is famous as a filming location for movies and dramas.
The lawn park adjacent to the hotel has a dog run, wooden swings, and a shallow artificial pond where you can play in the water.
Hotel Monte Rosa
Western-style hotel surrounded by nature in a mountain village

【Official】Hotel Monte Rosa

Relaxing petit resort surrounded by greenery and clear streams

Located at the foot of Tonomine Plateau, this Western-style resort hotel is modeled after the Tyrol region of Switzerland.
Flowers in spring, fresh greenery and fireflies in early summer, Japanese pampas grass in Tonomine Plateau in autumn, and a world of silver in winter.
You can spend a quiet and relaxing time in nature.
Please use it for family and group trips.

【Grand Park Hotel Monte Rosa]open 

  • Glamping is located in a park near the hotel, so it's very popular with female groups!

    Now available for Glamping.
    Up to 4 people per building(3 buildings available)

    Of course, the BBQ course is the mainstream from spring to early autumn!
    You can enjoy authentic French cuisine that Hotel Monte Rosa is proud of at the on-site restaurant.
    here we go! Enjoy the rich feeling!

    For Glamping, reservations can only be made online.

    Pets are not allowed to stay at Glamping site, but pets are allowed to stay inside the hotel.

A coffee stand using passionately roasted beans is now open!

  • 【Art Basel Coffee Art Basel Coffee】 

    I started making cafe latte!
    Take-out is OK, so you can also take it home from the park or terrace. 
    On sale at the gallery cafe "Art Basel Coffee" next to the lobby.
    Would you like to spend a different time than usual while appreciating art?

    (Tax included)
    ・Drip Coffee Hot/Ice ¥400
    ・Cafe latte Hot/Ice ¥500 
    ・Almond Milk Latte Hot/Ice ¥550
    ・Black tea Hot/Ice ¥400
    ・Black tea soda (Ice) ¥450 

    OPEN 11:00 to 20:00 (Sundays from 12:00 to 20:00)
    CLOSE Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays Other closed days

Kamikawa Premium Kogen Ice Cream is now on sale!

  • Selected as one of the 2016 Five Star Hyogo Selected Products!

    It is a rich and refreshing ice cream that uses "Yuzu", a specialty of Kamikawa Town, and "freshly squeezed milk" from Takahashi Ranch in Ichikawa Town.
    The hand-stuffed ice cream has just the right amount of air content and is characterized by a mellow texture. Please enjoy.

    On sale at the front desk(Please forgive me when it is sold out)
    100ml:350 JPY(Tax included)

Dog run available

  • It's free, feel free to use it

    Hours of operation 7:00 to 17:00

    The following dogs are not allowed.
     Dogs that are aggressive towards other dogs and people
     female dog in heat
     contagious dog
     Dogs that have not been vaccinated against rabies
     Those who do not bring their dog are not allowed to enter.

    When using
     Please enter with your dog and monitor their behavior
     Please be aware of the behavior of other dogs to avoid rear-end accidents.
     Please take your excrement home with you.

    We are not responsible for any troubles, accidents, or injuries that occur with others in the park facilities.

Start renting bikes!

  • It's easy because it's a train with an electric assist!

    It's a cute 20-inch bicycle, so it's easy to ride!

    usage fee(Tax included)
     Half day ¥1000
     ¥2000 per day

    Accepting at the front desk Hotel Monte Rosa

【Summer BBQ】Period From April to the end of October(Reservations must be made 3 days in advance)

  • It is also OK to rent the site only by bringing in ingredients.2 hours 1 site ¥ 3000(¥2000 for residents Kamikawa Town) 

    Usage hours: 11:30-17:00

    For site rental only, ¥1000 will be added for each hour from the second hour onwards.

    6 people per site

    Cancellation fee may be charged in case of reservation cancellation, absence, etc.
    2 days ago 20%/1 day before 50%/80% on the day/100% without contact

    (Tax included)

    A course ¥3800
     100g domestic beef
     100g pork
     2 slices of chicken
     vegetable set
     rice ball

    B course ¥4500
      course A
     scallops,Fried shrimp corn with butter

    C course ¥5000
      Course B
     Onigiri, chicken hotpot risotto rice

Inside this facility/facilities

  • Front desk

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems during your stay.
  • Lobby

    The lobby has a calm atmosphere.
    We also have souvenirs.
    Sit down on a sofa or rocking chair and enjoy a casual chat.
  • Restaurant"Alumu Forest”

    A spacious and warm restaurant.
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Google Map

Hotel Name

Hotel Monte Rosa


987 Hase, Kamikawa Town, Kanzaki County, Hyogo Prefecture

Telephone number

0790-35-0777 (Closed days:Monday)


●Bantan Line from JR Himeji Station and get off Hase Station → 7 minutes on foot(Shuttle service available)
●15 minutes from Chugoku Expressway Fukusaki IC to Bantan Expressway from Kanzaki Minami IC

Shuttle service available(conditions)
Shuttle available to JR Teramae Station / Hase Station(Reservation required.)
*However, we cannot accept transfers after 20:00.
Tel:Please call 0790-35-0777.
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About pets


If you have any questions, please contact us.

0790-35-0777 (Closed days:Monday)