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About pets

  • Stay with your dog!

Enjoy a trip with your pet at a green highland resort where a refreshing breeze blows!

  • Dogs are also important members of the family!
    At this facility, dogs can stay in the room with their owners.
    There is no doubt that your dog will be pleased with a walk on the plateau that is different from usual.

Pet accommodation

  • Accommodation information
    ●Accommodation:in the guest room(same room/Japanese-Western style room)
    ●Fare:3,300 yen per dog(Tax included)
    ●Type:Small dogs within 10kg(4 months or older)
    ●Belongings:lead/hood/snack/toy/foot towel/Adhesive tape/Deodorant spray, etc.
  • Accommodation conditions
    ●toilet training
    ●don't bark in vain
    ●You can stay at home (you can stay at home during meals).Please understand.)
  • Room facilities and amenities
    ●toilet sheets
    ●Adhesive tape(Korokoro)
    ●wet wipes for pets
  • Mixed vaccine and rabies vaccination
    Please fax a copy of the mixed vaccination certificate and rabies vaccination certificate in advance.Alternatively, please bring the original certificate on the day of check-in.
    At check-in, you will be asked to sign the "Terms of Use and Accommodation Agreement".
    The "Terms of Use and Accommodation Agreement" can be downloaded from our hotel website.
  • We opened a dog run!
    I made a dog run for small dogs!
    Not only hotel guests but also the general public can use it free of charge.
    Please follow the rules and manners and have fun.

    【Location】Wakuwaku Park
    【Open Hours】From 7:00 to 17:00


  • *Our hotel is not a pet hotel.
    *Fees are payable locally.
    *Up to 2 dogs are allowed per room.
    *When sharing a room with a dog, the room is fixed at "Japanese + Western style room".
    *Guests cannot be taken to the lobby, restaurants, public baths, other floors, or other guest rooms.Please be sure to wear a leash when passing through the lobby to go out.